Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church
Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Our Staff

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Dr. Clyde Chilton Jr., Pastor


Dr. Clyde Chilton Jr. is pictured here with his lovely wife Phyllis Chilton, First Lady of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.  Dr. Chilton loves to read and study God's Word.  He has a passion for the lost and down trodden.  He has worked with addicted persons and has a great compassion towards them. It is His conviction that the Pastor should nurture persons toward maturity as disciples of Jesus Christ. Dr. Chilton believes that teaching and preaching go hand in hand just as grace and mercy are coupled.





Shiloh's Deacon Family Ministry
Our Deacons are each assigned roosters of families for which they are responsible. Shiloh's Deacons contact their assigned families at least once each month. Shiloh deacon staff dedicated, concerned, knowledgeable and willing servants of God, Pastor and the membership and for the good of all mankind.